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Andrei V. Gudkov

Andrei Gudkov
Andrei V.
Garman Family Chair
Cell Stress Biology
Department of Cell Stress Biology
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Sr. VP for Basic Science; Chair

The dynamics of stem cell compartments of normal tissues and tumors determines the therapeutic and adverse effects of anticancer treatments. Our group develops pharmacological agents capable of selective protection and stimulation of normal stem cells, particularly in radio- and chemo-sensitive tissues. We found that human microbial parasites can produce factors capable of induction of proliferation and mobilization into peripheral blood of multipotent, hematopoietic stem cells. This class of agents has the potential to radically improve the therapeutic index of currently used therapeutic regimens by stimulating recovery of cancer patients suffering from the side effects of cancer treatment.

Select Publications: 

Kravchenko JE, llyinskaya GV, Komarov PG, Agapova LS, Kochetkov DV, Strom E, Frolova EI, Kovriga I, Gudkov AV, Feinstein E, Chumakov PM (2008) Small-molecule RETRA suppresses mutant p53-bearing cancer cells through a p73-dependent salvage pathway. PNAS 105(17):  6302-7.

Burdelya, L.G., Komarova, E.A., Hill, J.E., Browder, T., Tararova, N.D., Marvrakis, L., DiCorleto, P.E., Folkman, J. and Gudkov, A.V. (2006).  Inhibition of P53 Response in Tumor Stroma Improves Efficacy of Anticancer Treatment by Increasing Antiangiogenic Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Mice.  Cancer Res., 66, 9356-61.

Strom, E., Sathe, S., Komarov, P.G., Chernova, O.B., Pavlovska, I., Shyshynova, I., Bosykh, D.A., Burdelya, L.G., Macklis, R.M., Skaliter, R., Komarova, E.A. and Gudkov, A.V. (2006). Inhibition of p53 binding to mitochondria by small molecule is sufficient for radioprotection in vivo.  Nature Chem. Biol., 2, 474-9.