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David E. Levy

David Levy
David E.
Dr. Louis A. Schneider Professor, Molecular Pathology, Professor, Microbiology
New York University School of Medicine
Vice Chair for Science

The STAT3 transcription factor appears to play a fundamental role in trophoblast stem cells (TSC) and the development and maintenance of the trophectoderm and extraembryonic ectoderm lineages. The trophoblast lineage is derived from a stem cell population of the early embryo that gives rise to all embryo-derived cells of the placenta. Like the cells of the inner cell mass, TSC have the capacity for unlimited proliferation in vitro, for differentiation into a number of distinct cell types, and can contribute to placental tissues in vivo. Dr. Levy's group is characterizing the role of STAT3 in the trophoblast lineage using genetics, biochemistry, and cell culture approaches. This work may provide new molecular insight into fundamental mechanisms of implantation, placentation, and pregnancy success.

Select Publications: 

de la Iglesia N, Konopka G, Puram SV, Chan JA, Bachoo RM, You MJ, Levy DE, Depinho RA, Bonni A. Identification of a PTEN-regulated STAT3 brain tumor suppressor pathway.  Genes Dev. 2008 Feb 15;22(4):449-62. Epub 2008 Feb 7.

Levy DE, Loomis CA. STAT3 signaling and the hyper-IgE syndrome.  N Engl J Med. 2007 Oct 18;357(16):1655-8. Epub 2007 Sep 19.

Chakraborty P, Wang Y, Wei JH, van Deursen J, Yu H, Malureanu L, Dasso M, Forbes DJ, Levy DE, Seemann J, and Fontoura BMA. Nucleoporin Levels Regulate Cell Cycle Progression and Phase-Specific Gene Expression. Dev. Cell 2008, in press.