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Gail M. Seigel

Gail M.
Clinical/Research Assistant Professor
State University of New York at Buffalo

Retinoblastoma (RB) is the most common primary eye cancer in children and an important clinical problem facing ocular oncologists.  One present challenge in the treatment of retinoblastoma is the incidence of metastatic or secondary tumors that reduce life span and quality of survival. Those who survive RB are at increased risk for developing additional malignancies.

Our lab has identified cells in retinoblastoma that behave as tumor-initiating cells and are thought to be responsible for both tumor invasion and resistance to chemotherapy drugs. We also have found that these same tumor stem-like cells co-express adhesive molecules that may aid in metastasis, leading to new tumors at distant sites in the body. In collaboration with our colleagues at Cornell University, we seek to understand how these tumor stem cells invade tissues, as well as potential ways to block tumor spread. In order to eliminate these tumor-initiating RB cells, we are working with colleagues at Harvard University to immunologically target RB tumor-initiating cells for destruction. These multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches will allow us to understand both the metastatic mechanism(s) of RB tumor stem cells, as well as the potential means to eliminate these cells in a meaningful, therapeutic way.

Select Publications: 

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