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Khushi L. Matta

Khushi L.
Roswell Park Cancer Institute

My laboratory utilizes carbohydrate chemistry to develop synthetic resources for further application in our investigations of glycoprotein biosynthesis. One area of study is the investigation of human galactosyl-, fucosyl-, and sialyltransferases implicated in the biosynthesis of cancer related glycoconjugates. Another program seeks to identify and characterize sulfotransferases present in different tumor cell lines and human tissue, in order to elucidate the biosynthetic pathway of sulfoglycoconjugates.

Information obtained for these programs leads us to develop studies into cell adhesion processes. Cell adhesion plays an important role in chronic inflammatory diseases. In addition, the cell adhesion process may be exploited by cancer cells to metastasize after entering the blood stream. Major effort is being centered on the prevention of initial adhesion events between circulating leukocytes and endothelium involving two families of cell surface receptors: the selectins and integrins. The family of selectins contains three members: E,P and L-selectin. All of our efforts are directed at understanding the glycobiology of cancer and related diseases. Phenotypic characterization of the unique cell surface markers of these stem-like cells may be better than use of cancer cell cultures under conventional methods. We hypothesize that the "glycan signature" of Prostate cancer cells stem cells (PCSCs) differentiates them from non-cancer prostate stem cells (Non-PCSCs), and the "glycan signature" evolves during the pathogenesis of prostate cancer and contributes causally to the disease phenotype.

Select Publications: 

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