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Richard Vallee

Richard Vallee
Professor, Pathology & Cell Biology;Director,Division of Cell and Molecular Biology
Program in Neurobiology and Behavior;Member,Cancer Center
Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons

Professor Vallee's lab works on the microtubule motor protein cytoplasmic dynein, which is involved in diverse cellular and subcellular activities. They are devoting attention to understanding the cellular and molecular basis for the human smooth brain disease, lissencephaly. This disease is caused by mutations in the LIS1 gene, the product of which regulates cytoplasmic dynein, and participates in the proliferation and migration of neural precursor cells in the developing neocortex. In addition to extensive molecular analysis of LIS 1 and additional LIS1- and dynein interacting proteins, NudE, NudEL, and NudC, they are imaging the migration and proliferation of LIS 1 -deficient cells in living brain. Vallee's team is in the process of working out the mechanism for the interkinetic nuclear oscillations exhibited by neural progenitor cells and the radial, glial-guided migration of their progeny, and pursuing evidence from these studies for a novel mechanism controlling entry of the progenitors into mitosis.

Select Publications: 

Bremner KH, Scherer J, Yi J, Vershinin M, Gross SP, Vallee RB. Adenovirus transport via direct interaction of cytoplasmic dynein with the viral capsid hexon subunit. Cell Host Microbe. 2009 Dec 17;6(6):523-35.

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