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Russell Ferland

Assistant Professor
Albany Medical College

Use of progenitors in the treatment of human disease will rely on the ability to direct their differentiation and integration into the surrounding tissue. Understanding the molecular mechanisms that guide progenitor fate will be crucial toward achieving this goal. We have taken the approach of identifying and understanding genes that cause human disorders of progenitor development. Mutations in filamin A (FLNA) lead to the brain malformation, periventricular heterotopia (PH). Mutations in the filamin B (FLNB) gene result in skeletal chondrodysplasias (SC). The human phenotypes associated with these disorders suggest that filamin proteins are important in progenitor development. During cortical development, neural progenitors undergo rapid proliferation and cell fate decisions in the ventricular/subventricular zones (VZ/SVZ) along the brain neuroependyma. PH results in a thinned cortex and nodules of neurons along the neuroependyma suggesting a neural stem cell defect. Similarly, skeletal development begins with expansion of chondrocyte condensations within the proliferative zones, leading to a gradual increase in bone length. SC due to FLNB mutations leads to a progressive shortening of bones, and delayed and ectopic ossification, also indicating a bone precursor defect. Overall, this project seeks to understand how filamin and formin function dictates stem cell expansion and differentiation. The potential impact of this work is to gain a better understanding of the role of filamins and formins in neural and chondrocyte stem cell physiology. Since many of the goals of stem cell biology are related to their potential use as therapeutic agents, our work will help to determine the role of filamins and formins in maintaining or differentiating these cells, so that these stem cells can be made to perform the functions that will be required of them in patients.

Select Publications: 

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