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Wadie F. Bahou

Wadie F.
Professor of Medicine/Hematology
State University of New York at Stony Brook
Vice Dean for Scientific Affairs

Our laboratory is interested in genetic disorders of bleeding and thrombosis, focusing on blood platelets as the tools to understand the molecular basis of these disorders in humans.  Blood platelets are generated from bone marrow stem cells, serving not only to control normal bleeding, but involved also in excessive clotting that may predispose to pathological disorders such as heart attacks and stroke.  We have developed a unique infrastructure for studying the genetics of platelet diseases using RNA profiling techniques.  In parallel, we have developed means for changing gene expression as a means of potentially treating bleeding disorders such as hemophilia.  For our NYSTEM proposal, we have developed novel means of infecting bone marrow stem cells to specifically target the deficient protein (factor VIII) in bone marrow stem cells that are the precursors for circulating blood platelets.  If successful, this would provide a means of performing autologous bone marrow transplantation to correct the bleeding in hemophiliacs.

Select Publications: 

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