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Current Opportunities

To advance scientific knowledge and the promise of stem cell research, NYSTEM issues requests for applications and requests for proposals.  Check the web site for updates, or sign up for NYSTEM eAlerts. NYSTEM also issues requests for information to gather feedback from the community and other stakeholders.

Requests for Applications

IIRP and IDEA in Stem Cell Research (Rd. 6)

*Funding Opportunity Pending Review.*

NYSTEM, on behalf of the Empire State Stem Cell Board, is pleased to announce the 2020 release of the Request for Applications (RFA) for Investigator Initiated Research Projects (IIRP) and Innovative, Developmental or Exploratory Activities (IDEA) in Stem Cell Research (Rd. 6). There is approximately $50 million available to support about 70 awards. The amount of funds awarded will be contingent upon the quality of applications submitted.

To download a copy of the RFA and instructions, visit the New York State Grants Gateway: and search using the keywords, “Investigator Initiated”, and select the Department of Health as the Funding Agency.  Letters of Intent are strongly encouraged and due by March 3, 2020 and the application deadline has been extended unil 4:00 PM on June 25, 2020 in the New York State Grants Gateway.

If you are unfamiliar with the New York State Grants Gateway, we strongly encourage you to participate in the "Grant Application" webinar hosted by the New York State Grants Gateway Team.  The training schedule can be found here:

Requests for Proposals

There are no RFPs at this time.

Requests for Information

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