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Juan A. Oliver

Juan Oliver
Juan A.
Associate Professor, Clinical Medicine
Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons

Dr. Oliver is working in the laboratory to provide analysis of molecular mechanisms involved in renal vascular development and the isolation of growth factors and adhesion molecules involved in this process. Oliver's clinical research is focused on analysis of mechanisms involved in vasodilation of shock.

Select Publications: 

Al-Awqati Q, Oliver JA. The kidney papilla is a stem cells niche.  Stem Cell Rev. 2006;2(3):181-4. Review.

Oliver JA, Landry DW. Endogenous and exogenous vasopressin in shock.  Curr Opin Crit Care. 2007 Aug;13(4):376-82. Review.

Oliver JA, Maarouf O, Cheema FH and Al-Awqati Q. (2004). The renal papilla is the "niche" for adult kidney stem cells. Journal of Clinical Investigation 114:795-804.