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Sidney Strickland

Sidney Strickland
Research Professor
Laboratory of Neurobiology & Genetics
Rockefeller University, The

Disruption of laminin gamma-l synthesis in mouse peripheral nerves leads to hind limb paralysis. To assess stem cell rescue of this paralysis, the Strickland lab injected murine Adipose Derived Stem Cells into mutant sciatic nerves. ADSC treatment improved axon structure and function, and the mice showed hind limb improvement. After stem cell injection, endogenous Schwann cells and injected stem cells sorted and ensheathed axons. However, treatment of mutant nerves with laminin, non-multipotent laminin-producing cells, or laminin-deficient ADSCs, did not rescue structure and function of the mutant nerve. Their results indicate that the transplanted adult stem cells served as both a source for new Schwann cells as well as a source of laminin.

Select Publications: 

Park L, Gallo EF, Anrather J, Wang G, Norris EH, Paul J, Strickland S, Iadecola C. Key role of tissue plasminogen activator in neurovascular coupling.  Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008 Jan 22;105(3):1073-8. Epub 2008 Jan 14.

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