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Sihong Wang

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering Department
The City University of New York, City College

Professor Sihong Wang’s lab is studying thermal regulations of stem cell differentiation, proliferation and maturation as well as their applications in solid tissue regeneration. Another focus of her lab is the development of 3D microfluidic cell arrays to mimic in vivo microenvironment for high throughput drug screening and personalized medicine searching.

Select Publications: 

Jing Chen, Zhong-Dong Shi, Xinying Ji, Jorge Morales, Jingwei Zhang, Navneet Kaur, and Sihong Wang, “Enhanced Osteogenesis of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells by Periodic Heat Shock in Self-Assembling Peptide Hydrogel”, Tissue Engineering Part A. March 2013, 19(5-6): 716-728.

Zeynep Dereli-Korkut, Harmeet Gandhok, Ling Ge Zeng, Sidra Waqas, Xuejun Jiang and Sihong Wang, “Real-time detection of cellular death receptor-4 activation by fluorescence resonance energy transfer”, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, May 2013, 110(5):1396-404.

Kevin R. King*, Sihong Wang*, Arul Jayaraman, Mehmet Toner and Martin L. Yarmush, “A high-throughput microfluidic real-time gene expression living cell array”, Lab on a Chip, 2007, Jan; 7(1):77-85. *Equal contribution.